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Wesley "Wes" Beckett
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Firefighter (former)
Washington State
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Wesley Beckett, going by the nickname Wes, was a firefighter who became a monster hunter after encountering a demon in a house fire in 1993. After his investigation of the creature he'd seen led him into the hunter sub-culture, Wes was taught supernatural lore and hunting methods by Daniel Elkins, the same man who'd trained John Winchester. Growing into a very capable hunter, Wes decided to stake out Washington State as his territory to protect from demons, spirits, and other supernatural creatures.


Early Life

Firefighting Career

As A Hunter

Personality and Traits

Mental State


Hunting Equipment

  • Fire Axe
    Nostalgia for his firefighting days made Wes construct this personal weapon. With a haft made from palo santo wood, the weapon's head was solid iron and edged with a nickel-silver blade, making it a powerful tool against demons and spirits. The fire axe design was particularly effective at hacking through doors and walls, a useful feature for a hunter, but served just as well in dismembering monsters like vampires, lycanthropes, and other supernatural creatures.
  • Alchemist's Silver
    A liquid mixture of silver and a few other ingredients, Wes came to call this invention "quicksilver." The silver paint dried quickly, and could be applied to any sharp edge to fashion a silvered blade.
  • Salt Rods
    After a spirit almost got the better of him by using the wind to blow away his salt lines, Wes acquired several lengths of thin iron tubing and filled the insides with salt, creating a less vulnerable, and quickly re-deployable, barrier capable of holding both spirits and demons at bay.

Notes and References

  • Wes' origin story is heavily inspired by that of Carter Grayson, the Red Ranger from Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.

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