Admin on the Canon Wikia of Supernatural. I have a question before, I go making my versions of characters.

Billie the reaper, said something that I found curious. She said the (Empty). Like there is a void. Death made it seem like the literal meaning of Creatio Ex Nihlo wasn't accurate that God created the world out of the Darkness. Which some parallel darkness with nothingness. Hence the Darkness. Do y'all think the Empty was the void that even the Darkness originally came from?

My theory is. The void was the original god, but had no will or persona. However, it had its first thought (calm), which resulted as the darkness. The darkness being a female in form, (left) the Empty moving if that can be seen. The Darkness ruled as an amoral force for an unknown amount of time. Time can't be understand like we do, I'll explain in a bit. Later Empty had its second and last thought (Light) which resulted in God. However, God appeared as a being and brought an understanding to time. Hence the beginning of time. And in this second Death was imaged itself into reality, as it's a balance. The first Death would be the previous order of the Creation or rule. The Darkness being the ruler than God comes and takes over. But these all are theories. Is this a good fanon theory?

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