• MSB Creepypastas

    Hello, I'm new to this Wikia and I'd like to become a part of this community so I've got some questions. (Sorry if they've already been answered many times but I'll just ask anyway if it's okay :D)

    • Could I just add new pages without there being a Fanfiction or something (just asking, I don't know if I'd do this)
    • Could I add as many pages as I want (I'm working on a fanfiction that contains a lot of new information that cannot be squashed in the same page)
    • (To the people who have added new characters) Where do you get the ideas of which actors play the characters, because I don't have any ideas for that
    • (To the Fanfiction writers) Do you have any tips for writing and publishing them (The whole stuff with I don't know much abou…
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