Tyler Nery is a hunter. He started to hunt when he was 18 with his friends Barbara, Sean and his sister Kallie. He then quit for a while after Kallie died.

Tyler Nery
Alias: Ty
Season: ?
Species: Human
First seen: ?
Last seen: ?
Powers: none
Status: Alive


Affiliation: Winchester Family. Kallie,Barbara, and Sean, and Elaine
Location: Earth
Actor: Matt Lanter


He started to offically hunt when he was 18 with his friends. Being the older twin he for some reason felt responsible for for his innocent sister. So when she was killed by a demon he felt as he failed her. He quit and started to hang out with woman and played poker until Sean came and snapped him out of it. They then met Elaine and went off to find Barbara. She was irritated to see them but agreed tp help them find Sam and Dean so they could kill a demon Marion.( see pages Elaine, Barbara Mikellen, Kallie Nery and Sean Taylor for more information)


Tyler was shown to be a very witty and intelligent man with trust issues.his often made him not good in a relationshipand it also pushed Barb away from pursuing any permanent or serious relationship. However he has shown to be a good friend.


Barbara Mikellen

Barb and Tyler often had a thing for each other but it was not that much besides a fling. However they have shown to get along most of the time except when Barb held the occasional grudge.

Sean Taylor

Sean and Tyler have shown to be very loyal to each other. They are very goodfriends and would trust each other with their lives

Kallie Nery

He always protected his sister and watched over her even though they were the same age.


He and Elaine seemed to have a fairly good relationship. She enjoyed his witty comments and he found hergood to have around.

Dean and Sam Winchester

Tyler never blamed Dean for Kallie's death which made them goodfriends.He and Sam got along very well. Even though he found Dean a bit irritating he was still friends with him.