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"... it is a bit more than a simple chip of wood. It is the most potent artifact in creation."
―God, on this weapon
The Splinter
Manufacturer Circumstance
Use Destroy Evil
Powers Exceptionally Powerful Blessings
Impassable Wards against Evil
Can kill almost any evil being
Location/Status With God (one of them)
Unknown (All others)

The Splinters are fragments of the cross that the Messiah died upon and as such hold tremendous power, they are essentially Hands of God.


Demons and Leviathan are unable to be near them, burning to ash when close. Monsters and corrupted Nephesh are unaffected by it at long range but die when pierced by it.

Mortals also cannot hold these splinters if they are evil, with mass murderers, serial killers, and other morally bankrupt beings gradually dying while near it.

Many Hunters cannot hold it due to their weak or lack of morals and ethics, however, hunters such as Sam and Dean managed to for a time.

Chaos, Amara, and the Eldritch Horrors would suffer great injuries.

In addition to the direct, combative powers these artifacts have, they can be used to construct near impregnable barriers that only Chaos or Amara can pass.


The Splinter is unable to be used effectively against non-evil and does little more than poke them like a normal splinter.

The Splinters can only be used once, like any other Hand of God.