Parallol Universe
Alternate Universe (All Along the Watchtower)
Boss Amara, God
Status Locked in eternal war

The parallol universe is an alternate universe which could only have come about had Mary Campbell refused to make a deal with Azazel, which ensured her boyfriend John Winchenster remained dead and their future sons, Sam, Dean and Castiel Winchenster, were never born.


After John Winchenster is killed by the Prince of Hell Azazel, Mary remains alone and a Campbell for the rest of her life, rendering her future, pre-destined sons Sam, Dean and Castiel Winchenster as non-existent. This means that Lucifer never fuses with Sam on the top of the Empire State Building, and Demon Samcifer never comes into being.

Since Lucifer never left the Army of Darkness, Amara never retreated and used the corrupting darkness, meaning that the world is locked in an eternal battle between Heaven and the Army of Darkness, killing most humans on Earth.


The Lucifer clones were trapped in this universe after their failed rebellion and made a team together.

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