Hunter's Colt
Manufacturer Castiel
Use Hunting
Powers Can kill anything
Location/Status In Eric Winchesters Possesion

 The Hunters Colt is a revolver made by Castiel and Death after traveling forward in time to 2061 and awaiting the coming on halley's comet. It was created using Castiel's angel blade and a Death's Scythe, with the intention of giving Eric Winchester the power to fufill his destiny and kill God and Grimm and stop them and their first soldiers from destroying the universe. It only reaches it's full potential when God and Grimm walk the Earth, and otherwise it is still very powerful, able to kill most things, even Lucifer and Michael, unlike the original colt. The spirit of Bobby Singer is also inside of the weapon, acting as a guide to its user.

Known Users

  • Grimm
  • Death
  • God
  • Eric Winchester
  • Michael (Dean Winchester)
  • Tomas Singer


The entire romanus exorcism is engraved in the side, and it instantly exorcises any demon or angel when touching their vessel's skin. It has also been specially designed to fire extremely fast, as well as being fire, shock and bullet proof. Castiel also designed it so it's user cannot be tracked by any angel or demon. It also has double the bulletts of the original colt, however Eric uses most of them before Grimm and God come to Earth. The bulletts catch on fire whilst in the air, and there is a scarlet letter engraved in each one.