This page is a simplified ruleset, meaning it's a basic overview of all of Supernatural Fanon's policies.

  • The Participation Guidelines overview expected behavior from users, such as: treating all other users with respect, not disrupting the wikia or the community chat room, and assuming good faith in all interactions.
  • All pages must follow the relevant sections of the Article Guidelines, Layout Guide, and Content Policy.
  • The Editing Policy overviews what kinds of edits you can make to other peoples' pages, as well as the level of "ownership" you have over your own pages.
  • The Blog Policy covers acceptable uses for your blog on Supernatural Fanon.
  • The User Page Policy covers acceptable uses for your user page, as well as guidelines about Message Walls and signatures.
  • Pages that do not meet the above guidelines, or spam or vandalism, may be deleted per the Deletion Policy.
  • The Blocking Policy covers the potential consequences for violating the above policies.

If you ever have any questions about the above policies, feel free to ask in the Community Forum.

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