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Season(s) 9
Species Angel
Status Deceased (killed by Gadreel)
Affiliation: Samael
Family Angels (siblings)
Portrayed by: Armie Hammer
"And that was well worth it, wasn't it? Fighting and sacrificing for selfish, horny and brutish apes. They've squandered everything offered to them and done for them. My eyes were finally open to that."
―Simon arguing with Gadreel on protecting humans
Simon was one of the 13 renegade angels that was locked in Heaven's prison before they were released in the wake of the Fall.


Simon fought in the Rebellion against Lucifer when he turned on Heaven and continued to serve as a common soldier. However, over time he began to become bitter towards humans and saw how they kept falling more and more into disregarding life to pursue their own selfish and destructive ends. When the Apocalypse started and Uriel had started to try and gain followers to help free and fight for Lucifer Simon had joined him and then helped him in trying to find followers. However, he was discovered and caught shortly before Lucifer was freed and then locked away in Heaven's prison. Simon was the last of the 13 inmates to be locked in there before Metatron orchestrated the Fall and they were freed.


Simon was released from Heaven's prison when Metatron caused the Fall and expelled all angels from Heaven. He enjoyed being out and free and allied with the renegade Samael. When Samael went to Abaddon to offer aid, Simon was given to help give direction to her new demons that she created from Heaven bound souls that she captured and corrupted. Simon directed them in a huge battle against Nazareth , Daniel Leonard , Logan Donovan, Riley Ackerman, Gadreel, Sam and Dean Winchester and Castiel. Simon was able to slay the angel Nazareth due to the use of Abaddon's demons. However, Nazareth was promptly avenged by Gadreel who engaged Simon in battle and was killed by him.

Facts and Trivia

Simon's name means God has heard. He was the last of the Renegade Angels and he was ironically killed by the first of them.

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