Season 1 Episode List

Number Episode Description
1 Pilot God creates the Universe... but there's something wrong. An army of Darkness is Rising, and who can He trust to stop it?
2 Shadows Consume Him The Watchers have sinned against God one too many times, and now He takes matters into His own hands. Is He willing to risk the lives of all life on Earth to eliminate the Watchers...?
3 Time Travel A mysterious angel who claims to be from the future tells Samyaza and his Watchers that a Flood is coming. Can they believe this mysterious figure?
4 Time Travel 2
5 Time Travel 3
6 Time Travel 4 Lucifer time travels to meet up with a renowned occultist in order to ask him about Angel/Human Fusions. Will they find out the Sekrets of Fusion, or will the truth remain a mystery?
7 The Flood
8 Bound to Angels Juli is an ordinary schoolgirl who lives with her adoptive mom Stacy. Well... Almost ordinary. She can feel a presence with her at all times. At school, she gets bullied by Brittany Loser. The presence watches her be bullied everyday, and can't help but wonder... Should he intervene or let her handle this herself?
9 Bats and Cats Juli has to spend a night in a supposed haunted house with her friends, Meena and Rose as a dare from Jacob, her high school crush. Naturally, she accepts, sceptic of hauntings and the supernatural in general -- but what does she and her friends do when they find themselves locked in the spooky house?
10 Wives of the Void After Juli, Meena and Rose's meeting with an evil ghost, their lives have changed. They meet up with a group of women who claim to be witches (which, now, seems more believable to Juli) in order to figure out what is really out there. Will they be surprised at what they find?
11 Wishful Thinking
12 Vampires of London Rose, a lover of supernatural creatures, informs Juli that she thinks she's found a nest of vampires. Juli tells her that after their run-in with the ghost at the haunted house, she's not sure they should go. Rose thinks they should in order to save London from Vampires, but is it up to them to save everyone?
13 Shadowed Flames
14 Secrets of the Heist For Meena's History assessment, she has to write about an ancient Heist. She asks Juli for help in her assessment, and together they uncover a strange and shocking past. Will their discovery change their lives forever?
15 Castle of the Eclipse Rose and Juli's adventure to London's Vampires angered Violet Cane, who seeks revenge against the two girls. When Juli goes home, she finds that Stacy is gone. Will Juli find her adoptive mom?
21 Broken Bond Juli wakes up in a mysterious place she has never seen before. She can no longer feel the unusual presence she used to be able to feel, and now she can't help but feel... Alone. Can she figure out where she is by the clues? But more importantly, can she escape?
23 Getting Juli back Samyaza, Juli's guardian angel, reunites an old ally in order to rescue Juli from the army of Darkness once and for all. Will he succeed?
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