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Ruler of the Crossroads

Lilith Ruler2


Season(s) 5
Status Alive (Crowley)
Deceased (Lilith)
Affiliation: Ruler of Hell
Crossroad Demons (subordinates)
Portrayed by: Various

The Ruler of the Crossroads is a title which denotes the demon who holds it as the commander of all crossroad demons. Depending on the gender of the demon in question, it may be known either as the King of the Crossroads if it is male or as the Queen of the Crossroads if it is female. The Ruler of the Crossroads has ultimate authority over all crossroads demons, who are called their "employees" and who in turn call them their "boss," as well as over all the contracts to the deals they make with humans. However, the Ruler of the Crossroads is still beneath the Ruler of Hell (and possibly other high-level demons) in rank. As the Ruler of the Crossroads is a title, the age and power of each Ruler varies depending on the demon who has the title at the time.

Fanon King of the Crossroads 

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