Reimelt The Accountant in Heaven

Reimelt is a former Angel and current Divine Accountant, who claims to be able to Judge the value of all things and price them accordingly. Once an angel tasked with ordering all of creation numerically, he fell from grace in unknown circumstances and began working on Earth as an accountant to the supernatural.



Riemelt, Assessor of All

Created by God near the beginning of time, Riemelt, like all angles, was given a specific purpose in handling creation; to order and divide all of gods creation numerically. From the smallest blade of grass to the tallest mountain, Reimelt set about an eternity assigning value to all things. Eventually, the insurmountable task drove Riemelt to madness and was cast from heaven for attempting to destroy creation.

Freed from his eons long task, Riemelt fell into the business of accounting for supernaturals, monsters, and hunters alike. Having assigned value to almost all things, there is little that escapes his notice or his ability to asses it's worth.

Riemelt eventually had a run in with the living saint, St. Ávila, and deemed the boys singular soul to be worth some hundreds of millions, roughly equal to the souls Avila freed during the Light in Hell. Amazed at what was perhaps creations most valuable soul, he began traveling with the young man, and to an extent the demon Mara.

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