Title Principalitie, Angel of Blessings
Age Unknown (Presumed over 500 million)
Height 5,7
Weight 113lbs
Race Angel, Rulers
Special Ability Unknown
Allies God
Family All Angelic Choirs
Princedoms of Blessing
"Have you come to make a confession? I'll gladly accept your tithe, in blood... "
— Principalitie

Principalitie is a fallen angel and former Ruler, or angel who offers blessings as commanded by higher angels. Having fallen after a dangerous rebellion, Principalitie heard rumors of the Holy Vessels beginning to awaken and the efforts to stop them. Seeing it as a way to reenter grace, Principalitie began prematurity awakening vessels and forcing them to gather. It is Principalitie's hope that Christ will be merciful and allow him to be returned to heaven, ending his suffering as a fallen angel.

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