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"It used to be a beautiful garden for my children, but now it is merely a bleak realm of death and destruction."
―Pagan lamenting this realm's fate
Creator Pagan
Boss N/A
Whereabouts "Beside" Avalon
Status Desolate (Core)
Splintered (Pantheon Realms)

Pandemonium is the remnant of a realm that was created by Pagan and then devastated by Chaos, and whose true name is only known to the Primordial Beings.


Pagan made this realm for the Nephesh to occupy like Heaven is for Angels and Avalon is for Fairies.

This realm was devastated by Chaos during his attack on the Nephesh, Chaos' power caused the transformation from a realm full of life into a bleak, dead realm where nothing lives.

The realm had not merely been damaged, but also splintered, with remnants of it becoming their own sub-realms.

Each Pantheon has named the various splinters differently, with Mt. Olympus for the Roman/Greek Gods, Asgard for the Norse, and many others for all other Nephesh regardless of their status.

Pagan has stated that the magic which purifies the Pantheons will also affect the splintered realms and the core, restoring it to its former glory.


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