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Season(s) None
Species Demon

Human (formerly)

Status Alive
Title/Alias Marquis Orias

Neacel Sheehy (human name)
Reed McGill (vessel name/alias) The 59th

Occupation Rogue demon

Subclass of Michael

Affiliation: Lucifer


Family Unknown
Portrayed by: Unknown

Orias (occasionally spelt Oriax) is a powerful demon from Hell who serves as one of the current 15 Marquis Of Hell. He is known for being both a scholar and power leader of several legions. 


Orias was born in Scotland some time during the late 14th Century. Though he has revealed very little about himself, Orias has stated that he has always had a love for the stars and planets. He states that he was bullied as a child for his obssession, which was what made him turn, and he became outrageously violent. He ended up killing two of the people who bullied him later on in his life - and lived with this sin until he died. When he died, he was sent to Hell and underwent intense, extreme torture, surviving to become a demon.  Upon becoming a Demon, Orias was given a task, assigned to ally with fourteen other demons, which would make up the 15 Marquis of Hell. 


Orias' true appearance is unknown, but he takes the appearance of his human vessel, Reed McGill.

Orias has amber brown, almost yellow, eyes which he can turn to black on command, freckles and messy dark red-chestnut hair which reaches his neck. He is 5"10, having a lithe, yet muscular build. He always has a relatively tired look to him, and almost always has a frown or a gloomy aura to him. 

He usually wears a solid colour t-shirt, worn jeans and a pair of black boots with three-inch heels. He wears a hoodie over this, with the hood usually down. On his ring fingers, Orias wears the engagement and rings of his vessel, per Reed's request before being killed by the demon.

On the left side of his neck, Orias possesses a tattoo, which resembles a decorated Nazar. 


"I never take things half way, you little pest."
Orias talking to a Will O' The Wisps

Orias is undoubtfully an incredibly colourful character, personality-wise. He is an exceedingly bi-polar character, being a demon of extremes. Orias is overall a rather gloomy, poorly motivated, easily angered demon who has a short temper and little tolerance for other people. He prefers to be alone, for the most part, and believes that forming acquaintances or friendships with people is like "handshaking someone's loaded pistol". 

Orias had a relatively upsetting love-life, which is the reason why he prefers to stay to himself. He has revealed he's been in several relationships, and each one being a failed, futile attempt. 

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