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Mr. Jinx
Jinx L&D
Season(s) 6, 7 (Light and Dark)
Species Fairy
Status Deceased (killed by Adam Milligan)
Affiliation: Himself
Family Oberon (father/creator)
Portrayed by: Tony Todd

Mr. Jinx was a fairy and the enemy of the ruler of Avalon. He was killed by Adam using the Colt.

Powers and Abilities


Harming and Trapping

  • Iron - Mr. Jinx hates iron as it is proven to be harmful against him.
  • Silver - It can burn him when he is touched with silver.
  • Magic - Mr. Jinx can be summoned, bound and banished by magic.
  • Devil's Trap - It can trap him, like demons.


  • The Colt - It can kill anything.
  • Fairy Blade - A fairy blade can presumably kill him.

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