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Species Angel-Monster Hybrid
Occupation Shock Troopers
Affiliation: Eve
Family Eve
Angels (relatives)
Monsters (relatives)

A Mongel is a hybrid between angels and monsters.

The first known Mongel is Castiel.


A Mongel appears identical to a human or an angel, the only notable difference is a lack of wings when Astrally projecting and their eyes are a hybrid between angelic and vampiric.


Traits of Mongels are, most notably, their inability to be sensed by supernaturally attuned species unless their angelic powers are removed.

They are fanatically loyal to what Eve desires and Castiel, at the very least, believes her to genuinely be his Mother. This devotion to Eve turns the normally stoic Castiel into a crazed lunatic when he cannot fulfill her wishes. Their fighting instincts can also give way to sadistic taunting, which can be used against them.

Additionally, they have highly augmented physical capabilities, with the former Seraphim Castiel able to fight evenly and almost kill Artemis, who was equal in strength to a Leviathan.

They are also immune to the outright banishing abilities of certain Angel blood sigils, though their angelic power is removed, turning them into little more than a common vampire.

Their wings are also missing, and as such, they are unable to teleport.

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