Mike Rhodes


Michael Rhodes is the son of Lucifer and Melissa Rhodes making him the Anti-Christ. He was born about 5 years after the first season and did not know about being a weapon of the devil. In 5th grade, he wished for his teacher to be a werewolf and later that day she killed the whole staff only bite marks were shown. He is stronger than a cambion since being a angel and son of Lucifer. He is now just sitting back watching the world.


He is shown to be independent and talks back a lot while also showing great maturity at his age. Cooking for his mom and helping pay the bills.

Powers and Abilities

As the offspring of Lucifer and Human, Michael Rhodes has quite the formidable abilities. According to Castiel, Michael can completely destroy and vanquish all the angels in Heaven with a single word.

  • Michael can easily alter reality and warp the fundamentals of logic and what is natural. In this ability, he made a boy die by eating rat poison, and produced the famous serial killer Jason Voorhees just by thinking he was real, and he made some toy chuckys have a kill streak on the town. During a state of panic, Michael was able to transform a demon into an poodle
  • Michael can move objects and people with his mind.
  • Just by clenching his fists he can create Major tremors.
  • Michael can instantly appear anywhere on Earth with just a thought.
  • He was able to mentally force a demon out of its human host with a glare.
  • He can hide himself from angels, demons and humans unless he wants to be found.
  • With a snap of his fingers a demon could explode and with a wish anybody he wants to die except maybe the all Archangels,