"Azaezel, was a follower, Crowely was a businessman, Asmodeus was well... he was Asmodeus. Now me I'm a good old fashion sadist. I like things to run smoothly but I don't like to over complicate things so when I set up a system don't expect it to change or for me to care what you think."
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King of Hell
Prince of Hell(formerly)
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Lucifer (formerly)
Hell (formerly)
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Mephistopheles is the new King of Hell and formerly a Prince of Hell and Knight of Hell and the most powerful in the later group. He is able to make his victims see things that aren't there and uses this ability to make his enemies see him as a terrifying monster. He is also known for making deals and lying to his victims.


According to Mephistopheles he was originally a Knight of Hell but he eventually gained Lucifer's attention. He impressed Lucifer so much that it was decided by Lucifer that Mephistopheles would become a Prince of Hell. Mephistopheles would go on to invent the "art" as he put it of making deals with humans. However he was never accepted by any of the Princes.

Ruling Hell

Mephistopheles after taking over hell was very quick to restore it to it's former hierarchy. He began by recreating the Knights of Hell who under his command would be made up of Demons with white eyes. Mephistopheles would also make plans to in time appoint new Princes. He would also focus on increasing the number of Cross Road Demons and Torturers. However he favored the torturers over the Cross Road Demons.


Mephistopheles is very cunning and sadistic he uses his ability to cast illusions to terrorize his victims and enemies into seeing him as a terrible monster to cause confusion and terror and make for a more efficient kill. He always plans meticulously leaving no room for error his cruelty and sadism is said to be rivaled only by Alastair. Above all else however his main priority is corrupting souls and condemning them to hell. Unlike Crowley he does not associate or compromise with humans for any reason.


  • It's possible that him not being accepted by the other Princes of Hell is why he's not a known member.
  • He is very similar to the the monster It created by Steven King as he almost never show's his true form and is always disguised as someone's fear or as a monster.