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Mary Winchenster
Mary Winchester
Season(s) 1, 11-13
Species Hunter
Status Alive (trapped in The Parallol Universe)
Title/Alias Marinator (by Demon Samcifer
Occupation Hunter
Affiliation: Winchenster Family

Grace on Earth

Family Sam Winchester, Dean Winchenster (sons)

John Winchester(spouse)
Emma Winchenster (granddaughter)

Portrayed by: Samantha Smith
"We're trapped in a Parallol Universe!"
―Mary to Lucifer
Mary Winchenster is the mother of Sam and Dean Winchensters. She is currently trapped in The Parallol Universe with Lucifer.


Mary is a motherly person who is protective over her family.



Dean Winchenster

Dean is Mary's first son.

Sam Winchenster

Sam is Mary's second son.

John Winchenster

John is Mary's dead husband.

Grace on Earth


Samyaza and Mary talk about raising children sometimes.

Demon Samcifer

Demon Samcifer calls Mary "the Marinator".


Lucifer and Mary are trapped in The Parallol Universe together.


Mary and Gadreel don't associate much.

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