"The power that surpasses reason, that originated from reason itself." Said by Rowena.

Magic is a mysterious and powerful source of paranormal and/or supernatural power in the series Supernatural. Magic can be utilized by different types of spells (ex. Rituals or Incantations) or through using specific unique supernatural powers/forces/energies. Magic can also be infused into objects and certain events have magical properties.


Magic like all things originated from the infinite void the Empty. As it was devoid of matter, energy, form, it already was magical with possessing infinite Magic Power. When the Darkness imaged itself from the Empty, she came as a fragment source of this power. The same came as God and his balance Death, entities of Magic Power that had awareness.

When God formed the physical universe used the "body" of the Darkness, his sister. Trapping what remained of her, in a pocket dimension so outside of creation nothing could reach her or get out. However as her seal was depended on how strong the lock was. God made a magic spell that made the key, take the form as Mark. During the creation of the world God gave the Earth its own endless supply of Magic like all worlds.


"Magic shouldn't be thought of an absolute science rule breaker. Normally it works within or slightly bends science. It is rare when it completely transcends the Laws of Science." Common saying.

  • Magic by its nature as a supernatural power, can break the laws of any science. (Ex. Magic can completely erase matter or energy from creation). However it normally works within science. As surpassing science completely can violate the Natural Order. When it is used to transend science, it is normally the work of powerful entities like God or Death.

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