The lucifer clones were four clones created by Lucifer after he was expelled by heaven by God that represented different aspects of his personality. Together, they tried to overthrow god, but they were unable to cooperate and due to their lack of teamwork they were defeated by god. Seemingly, only Lucifer survived; dejected, he joined Amara's Army of Darkness.

Lucifer Clones

  • Lucifer (black) - The original Lucifer, and leader of the Lucifer clones
  • Lucifer (blue) - The sarcastic Lucifer
  • Lucifer (yellow) - The cautious Lucifer
  • Lucifer (red) - The prideful Lucifer
  • Lucifer (green) - The female Lucifer


Yellow Lucifer

Us? Against Metatron? Are you insane?
~ Yellow Lucifer

Red Lucifer

Silence, you fool! Metatron is a worthless pile of scrap grace compared to my genius.
~ Red Lucifer

Green Lucifer

Ohh, haven't you figured it out yet? He's sarcastic and charming. Each of us clones represents one aspect of your personality. He's prideful... he's cautious... he's sarcastic.
~ Green Lucifer

Blue Lucifer

Heh... an illusion.
~ Blue Lucifer
Heh heh heh... that... may not be necessary.
~ Blue Lucifer

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