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"Stay still you mutt!"
―Linda trying to stab Claude
Linda (The Primordials)
Species Human
Status Alive (Vessel for Eve)
Title/Alias Girly (By Claude)
Occupation Hunter
Affiliation: Herself
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Henstridge

Linda is a huntress who has been tracking the supposed werewolf Claude for years.


The Roadhouse had many visitors over the years before it was burnt down, including Linda, her friends, and her Fiance Carl.

Roughly five years ago a member of their group got wind of Claude's activities and they began to hunt him, though all of them were killed in the process.

Many of Linda's friends also tried hunting the Vaewolf, however, they all thought that he was a simple Werewolf until the last moment which proved to be their downfall.

Two years later all of Linda's friends had been killed by Claude with only her Fiance still alive, and both of them hunting him.

Linda and Carl got word of Claude's actions three years before the Vaewolf heard his mother's voice and attempted to kill him.

Carl was sadly killed in the process with Linda just barely escaping with her life, and his death pushed Linda to hunt his killer with the same zeal that John Winchester did with Azazel.

Present Day

Roughly one year after the apocalypse was averted Linda finally tracked Claude down and fought him, but to her shock, he revealed himself as not only a Vaewolf but one of the Alphas after Linda stabbed him with a silver knife through the heart.

Claude quickly outmatched and knocked Linda unconscious after transforming into his true state, kidnapping her after discovering that she was still pure.

Linda was kept in a small cell for days and learned that Dragons had kidnapped her, and eventually encountered Tathamet after a dragon revealed she would be part of something.

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