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Season(s) 9
Species Primordial Beast
The Original Leviathan
Status Alive
Title/Alias Leviathan (falsely accused in the bible)
Father of Leviathans
Lord of Chaos
Occupation Leader of the Leviathans
Affiliation: Himself
Family Leviathans (children)
God (rival)
Death (friend)
Portrayed by: Kevin Zegers
"I am the Lord of Chaos, and you are only mortal."
―Levantine to Dean Winchester.

Levantine is the Alpha and Original Leviathan that once challenged God but was defeated, following God creating Leviathans from him he waged a war against God and the Archangels which he lost, Levantine was chained deep in Purgatory where the Leviathans had worked on freeing him. By season 9, he has been freed and escaped Purgatory,having power surpassing the archangels


Personality and traits

Levantine is described as a serious entity, quite similar to Death but is far more approachable and less comical in his actions. He is strong and smart, and practically an invisible force on Earth, only making his presence known when he wants to be.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Levantine's power is described as second only to God, as a Primordial Being his power has been described as anything but finite, it has been stated by Death that Levantine seeks to break a magical seal on himself that would allow him to create "more of him".


  • Levantine is a cursed sword from Norse myth.
  • Levantine is a Norse word similar to Leviathan.

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