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The Leonard Family
Leonard Family
Season(s) 9, 10
Species Human
Status Active
Occupation Michael's Battalion
Affiliation: Heaven
The Natural Order
Family Gregory Leonard (father)
Evelyn Leonard (mother)
David Leonard (son)
Daniel Leonard (son)
Craig Rolden (friend)
Joseph (guardian angel)

The Leonard Family currently consists of the brothers David and Daniel. Their mother Evelyn had died of pneumonia when the boys were young and their father Gregory was shot and killed roughly seven years later. Craig Rolden was Gregory's best friend and is considered an extended member of their family.

Currently, David Leonard is possessed by the angel Joseph. Daniel is the Heavenly Saint and is currently a central member of Michael's Battalion as he assists the angels loyal to Michael in his stance against Samael, his followers and also demons. The brothers consider the Winchester brothers to be their enemy as well.

Their home is in Aurora, Illinois where Craig Rolden still lives and watches the town and surrounding county as a scout for the battalion.

Daniel keeps a photo of himself with his father and brother in his wallet.

  • Gregory Leonard
  • Evelyn Leonard
  • David Leonard
  • Daniel Leonard
  • Craig Rolden - Friend of the Family

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