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Knight of Hell
Possession, Biokinesis, Immunity, Super strength, Telepathy, Weather manipulation, Flight, Exorcism, Apporting, Invulnerability, Power Negation, Smiting and Super stamina
Can be killed by the First Blade, archangels and possibly other celestials and/or their weapons;

Hurt by Demon-killing knife, Holy fire, and Holy Water;

Immobilized and depowered by devil's traps
True form unknown; Manifests on Earth as smoke which possesses humans

Knight of Hell is a unique breed of demon directly created by Lucifer himself. As such, Knights are among the oldest and most powerful of their kind. The order of Knights was built and led by Cain, himself a Knight. Their exact rank in the hierarchy of Hell is not stated; however, they appear to be figures of awe among most demons, and refuse to obey demons they consider inferior to them. In 1863, Cain slaughtered all Knights but Abaddon, though the extermination was originally attributed to the archangels. Until Abaddon appeared in the year 2013, it was believed that all the Knights were dead.

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