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Knight of Hell




Season(s) 8-10
Species Demons
Status Extinct
Title/Alias The First Fallen
Occupation Various
Affiliation: Hell
Family Lucifer (father/creator)
Portrayed by: Various

Knight of Hell were a unique breed of demon that are trained by Cain, the original knight. The Knights are thought to be among the oldest and most powerful of their kind, their exact rank in the hierarchy of Hell is not stated; however, they appear to be figures of awe among most demons, and refuse to obey demons they consider inferior to themselves.

In 1863, Cain retired from his position, inciting backlash from the Knights, who tried to tempt him back into his old ways by kidnapping his human wife Colette. In revenge, Cain slaughtered all of the order. Only, his former lover and subordinate Abaddon managed to escape. Until she appeared in the year 1958 and again in 2013, it was believed that all the Knights had been exterminated by archangels. While Abaddon was ultimately killed in 2014, her killer was transformed into yet another Knight by the Mark of Cain, unofficially continuing the Knights' bloody legacy. However, this was brief as his brother cured him, leaving Cain the only Knight until his own death, making the Knights of Hell extinct.

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