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"You want me to abandon my life to help God's brother release Michael and Lucifer from a cage made to contain the Devil that they both fell into during an aborted apocalypse?
You should check into a psych ward.
That's what I said to Pagan when he claimed to be a Primordial Being.
―Kevin, Gadreel, and Cassandra speaking
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran (The Primordials)
Species Human (Prophet)
Status Alive
Title/Alias Prophet
The Prophet of the Lord
Occupation Student
Affiliation: Heaven
Team Jailbreak
Portrayed by: Osric Chau

Kevin Tran is a Prophet of the Lord and an ally of the forces of Heaven.

After the Leviathan were released from Purgatory, Pagan viewed that the forces against Creation were too numerous for Heaven to face with its current members and power, setting into motion a plan to redress the balance, and started by activating Kevin Tran's Prophetic abilities.

To that end, Kevin teamed up with Cassandra Anderson, Mundus, Joshua, and Gadreel to set Michael, Lucifer, and Adam free from the Cage.


Due to being a mostly normal person and only being a college student until being called upon to serve as the voice of Heaven to humanity, Kevin is very unsure of his status and place in the world.

These responsibilities being placed on his shoulders so suddenly has caused a great deal of stress for Kevin.


Present Day

Directly after becoming a Prophet of the Lord, Kevin was assailed by two Leviathan intent on ending the potential threat of such a being to their goals.

While his skin was able to deter them at first, the Levis overcame the pain and assaulted him anew.

Before he could be killed, Kevin heard a voice calling out to him, pleading for him to say "Yes"

Kevin quickly said the word and was possessed by another holy entity, Joshua, who temporarily used him as a vessel to drive the Leviathan off.

Powers & Abilities

Kevin is a Prophet of the Lord and has several powers associated with the function he needs to serve at any given time.

  • Supernatural Perception: Kevin can see the true nature of any Angel, Demon, Monster, Nephesh, or Reaper within his vicinity. He is even able to withstand the unrestrained true form of the Primordial Beings without issue.
  • Grace Channeling: Kevin can channel the power of the angels for certain tasks, mostly as a warning to ward off those who would do him harm. This is visually similar to when an Angel reveals their wings and any supernatural creature would feel the full might of Heaven behind him.
  • Word of God Reading: Kevin can translate what is transcribed on the Word of God tablets.
  • Angelic Protection: Kevin is protected by Heaven's Angels. If any harm were to come to him the Host of Heaven would bear down upon those responsible.
  • Exorcism: In extreme situations, Kevin is able to banish a demon from his vicinity with a word. This power does not work on Angels or Leviathan.
  • Divine Skin: If a Leviathan or Demon were to touch Kevin they would be seared by his holy protection, however, it is possible for stronger entities to overcome this deterrence.


  • Divine Beacon: Kevin is more or less a beacon for any supernatural creature, locating him is almost effortless for any creature originating from Heaven or Hell.

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