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Season(s) All Seasons
Species Nephilim
Status Alive
Affiliation: Grace on Earth
Family Samyaza (father)

Rebecca (mother)
Angels (aunts and uncles)

"Wait, wait... So, I'm the daughter of... An angel and a... human"
Juli is Samyaza's nephilim daughter. Until Season 4, she didn't know she was related to Samyaza, or that she wasn't a human.


Juli is a generally serious person. Unlike Demon Samcifer, she doesn't take the corrupted angel's light-heartedly. Juli is extremely keen on protecting the ones close to her, even though Gadreel strongly advises against it because she's "half human" and it could be "too dangerous for [her]".

Powers and Abilities

Telekinesis - Juli has the ability to easily move objects with her mind. Throughout Darkness Rising, her abilities grow stronger, as she is learning about her true self (by finding out who her father really is).

Fusion - Juli has the ability to fuse with both angels and humans, though it's difficult to fuse with humans (considering she's half-human, half-angel, she can not hold her Holy Light form for long). In Season 6, Juli fuses with her father, Samyaza, in order to defeat Uriel.


Grace on Earth

"Hi... Dad."
―Juli to Samyaza when Juli finds out the truth
Samyaza is Juli's angel-father. For a time before Juli knows this, Samyaza pretends that he is merely a guardian angel who is protecting her.


After Juli and Gadreel meet for the first time in Season 2, Gadreel dislikes Juli because she is related to Samyaza and he knows!

Demon Samcifer


"His grace is... Corrupted!"
Juliamyaza to Gadreel
Julimyaza (the fusion of Juli and Samyaza) meets with the corrupted archangel, Uriel and stops him from corrupting other angels.



Rebecca is Juli's mother who died when she was born.


Stacy is Juli's adoptive mother. She's is protective over Juli and disagrees with her decisions to explore haunted locations, due to her belief in the Supernautral.