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Jesse Turner
Jesse L&D
Season(s) 6 (Light and Dark)
Species Cambion
Status Deceased (killed by Dean Winchester)
Title/Alias Antichrist
Affiliation: Lucifer
Winchester Family (formerly)
Family Unnamed Parents (adopted)
Tina Turner (adopted sister)
Julia Wright (mother)
Julia Wright's demon (presumed father)
Portrayed by: Gattlin Griffith

Jesse Turner was the adopted brother of Tina Turner and who was destiny to become the Antichrist.

During the Battle of Washington DC, Jesse battled his adopted sister Tina Turner, who defeated him by stabbing him in the gut with the Demon-Killing knife, but he was later shot by Dean Winchester with the Colt, to spare Tina the pain of killing her own adopted brother.

Powers and abilities


  • Lucifer's Absence - Jesse's powers were activated when Lucifer was present on Earth, since the archangel was sealed again in the Cage, the his powers may have diminished again. However, he doesn't need Lucifer presents anyone due to his power growing stronger with age.

Banishing or Destroying


  • Archangels - Due to him powered by an archangel, therefore archangels could make him powerless and easily kill him.
  • God - As the nigh-omnipotent creator of the Universe, He can kill a Cambion.
  • Death - As the nigh-omnipotent horseman and embodiment of death, he can kill a Cambion.
  • The Darkness - As a nigh-omnipotent primordial entity that surpasses even God's power, it can kill a Cambion.


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