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Season(s) 8
Species Nephilim
Status Deceased (killed by Castiel)
Title/Alias Abomination
Occupation Waitress
Family Metatron (father)
Portrayed by: Linda Tomassone
"She's not innocent. She's Nephilim."
Jane is a Nephilim which is the offspring between an angel and a human. Her mother was a human but her father was an angel. She worked as a waitress and lived quite the peaceful life. She lived seemily content until the day Metatron brought Castiel to meet her so he could kill her on the notion that it would help him stop the fighting amongst the angels and save Heaven. He claimed that the first trial was to kill a nephilim and take its heart. She pleaded for the angels to leave her be but they wouldn't have it. Jane tried to defend herself but was killed by Castiel and her heart was cut out. 

Castiel felt great regret for ending Jane's life. It wasn't until months later that Castiel learned that Jane was Metatron's daughter and he had fathered her solely for this purpose to his shock and anger.

Powers and Abilities

Jane had the basic powers of Nephilim.

  • Super Strength - She was stronger than a normal human and had the power to outmatch a single angel like Metatron or Castiel one on one.
  • Angelic Perception - She is able to see angels in their vessels. She told Castiel and Metatron that she saw their halos while they were sitting in the shop.

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