Jacob and Jo are husband and wife. Jo met Jacob at the Roadhouse when he came into town.


Jacob and Jo seem to really care about each other. Jo later develops feelings for Jacob which Jacob knew that it would happen and he ended up developing feelings for her but they were both scared that they would reject one another so Jacob moved onto Ruby. Jacob told Jo at his reception if anything goes wrong with him and Ruby he will come for her. When Jacob talks to Jo Ruby listens in and realizes that Jo has feelings for Jacob and so Ruby yelled at her husband saying he is better off with Jo so he later gets a divorce and goes to Jo to tell her that he wants to be with her. When Jo and Jacob finally start dating Jo told her mom first before Jacob told his cousins because Claire already knew.


  • Jacob has always liked Jo since the day he met her.
  • While at Jacob's wedding Jo was really upset because she missed her chance to tell him she liked him.
  • Before Jacob left the Roadhouse Jo gave Jacob a kiss on the cheek.
  • Jo really cares about Jacob and her feelings for him keep getting stronger.
  • Jacob got caught sleeping on Jo's shoulder.
  • Both of them swore to protect each other.
  • Jacob thinks Jo is the prettiest girl he has ever met.
  • Jo finds Jacob cute.

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