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Ian Patterson
Ian Patterson
Season(s) 10
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation Hunter
Affiliation: Himself
Portrayed by: Shane West
"I'm a hunter. If it has claws, fangs or can kill without a gun or a blade then I'm supposed to kill it. Simple as that. "
―Ian Patterson
Ian Patterson is a skilled hunter who has been hunting since he was a teenager. He met the Winchesters when he beat them to the punch on a ghost hunt and instantly struck up a budding friendship with Dean. Ian was the hunter who had killed Orville Thomas' mother and uncle.

He lives in Plainfield, Indiana in a house he has completely warded from demons and even monsters due to him having the Thomas family gris gris bag to empower it.


Ian Patterson's attitude towards hunting mirrors what Dean Winchester's was before he started to see things in shades of gray. He has an 'its us against them' sort of mentality. Ian doesn't believe that shades of gray exist in the supernatural world, especially when it comes to monsters or supernatural humans such as witches. He doesn't believe that there are such things as 'good monsters' or good supernatural people. If they are not or beyond human, then, to him, its just something for him to hunt.