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Hyde Investigations
Season(s) 5 (Light and Dark: Bloodlines)
Creator Dr. Adam Hyde
Edward Hyde
Boss Dr. Adam Hyde
Eddie Hyde
Whereabouts London, England
Status Active

Hyde Investigations is the name of a detective agency specializing in supernatural cases run by Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde.

The agency allows them to openly advertise their willingness to assist people in trouble without specifying the agency's specialization in supernatural cases. It is especially appealing to people who were unfamiliar with the supernatural world and therefore were afraid to ask for help, fearing they would be considered crazy, but who were nonetheless in desperate need of aid.

Known Members

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll / Dr. Adam Hyde - He is the co-founder and chief investigator.
  • Eddie Hyde - He is the co-founder and chief investigator who was the dual personality of Dr. Henry Jekyll, before becoming a separate person.
  • Rodney Skinner - He is a field investigator and the second invisible man.
  • Dr. Helen Jekyll - She is a forensic investigator and the great granddaughter of Dr. Henry Jekyll.
  • James Hyde - He is the son of Edward Hyde who sometimes assists them before and after school.

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