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Chuck Season 11
Season(s) 4, 5, 10, 11
Species Primordial Entity
Status Alive
Title/Alias Chuck Shurley
Carver Edland
The Creator
The Lord
The Almighty
The Big Guy
The Big Daddy
The Boss
The Man Upstairs
The Light
Absentee Father
Wrathful Monster
Charles (by Rowena)
Daddy (by Lucifer)
Occupation Creator
Writer and Prophet (disguised; formerly)
Ruler of Heaven (formerly)
Affiliation: The Darkness
Winchester Family
Becky Rosen (formerly)
Heaven (formerly)
Death (formerly)
Archangels (formerly)
Family The Darkness (older sister)
Leviathans (first beasts)
Archangels (children)
Angels (children)
Humans (greatest creations)
Portrayed by: Rob Benedict
"I am not hiding. I'm just done watching my experiments' failures."
―God, Don't Call Me Shurley
God, known to Sam and Dean Winchester as Chuck Shurley, is a powerful primordial being who created the universe and nearly everything it contains, including the human soul. With Death's demise, the Darkness, his own sister, is the only entity rivaling his power.

Together, he and The Darkness serve as a perfect balance in the universe as it is revealed that the dark cannot exist without the light. It is shown that if either one of them is lost than the universe will begin to collapse on itself. His sister couldn't resist in destroying what he was setting out to create so he and his archangels waged war against her and then locked her away with a mark which he entrusted to Lucifer. That mark corrupted him and drew him to rebel when he created man. After Lucifer was bound in Hell, he left Heaven in the care of Michael while he went into seclusion on Earth.

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