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"I didn't let anyone in, I was simply the first person to be tricked by Lucifer."
―Gadreel on his past
Species Seraphim
Status Alive
Title/Alias The First Seraphim
Occupation Cassandra's Bodyguard
Guardian of Eden (formerly)
Affiliation: Heaven
Team Jailbreak
Family God (Father/Creator)
Primordial Beings (Uncles)
Archangels (Oldest Siblings)
Angels (Siblings)
Reapers (Cousins)
Nephesh (Cousins)
Fairies (Cousins)
Portrayed by: Tahmoh Penikett

Gadreel is the first and strongest Seraphim and the former Guardian of Eden.

He is currently Cassandra Anderson's Guardian.


Gadreel was one of the first angels created by God, potentially the and was tasked with guarding the gates of Eden against any threat.

He fulfilled this duty for many years, but was tricked and accidently let his older brother Helel past, who then corrupted humanity with sin.

Gadreel was imprisoned for this failure, locked away in Heaven's Dungeon for millions of years and suffering for a long time at the hands of one of Zachariah's subordinates.

Present Day

Eventually, after the apocalypse was averted and Pagan reappeared to help bring order to Heaven. Gadreel was approached by Pagan, who freed him and asked the angel to be his wife's bodyguard during the coming war.

Gadreel almost immediately agreed, hoping to finally redeem himself from his ancient crime and was given a soulless vessel by his uncle.

He visited Cassandra soon after gaining his freedom and task, telling her that Pagan had appointed him as her guard. Cassandra recalled Pagan speaking about Gadreel's failure, but decided to give the angel a chance reasoning that Pagan wouldn't have assigned Gadreel the job if he didn't see something in the angel.

Gadreel had a hard time with the first thing Cassandra had him do, shopping. He didn't understand the reason one would have many versions of the same thing, however, he got some assistance from one of the employees.

When Gadreel and Cassandra had finished the went into the parking lot in order to put everything away, they were then ambushed by three demons which Gadreel engaged.

Gadreel managed to kill one of them and held off the remaining two, but he was rusty in his swordsmanship and found it difficult to out duel them in his vessel. Cassandra managed to sneak up and kill one of the demons with Gadreel taking out the last one while it was surprised.

When the Winchesters appeared at Pagan and Cassandra's home investigating the demon deaths they were greeted by Gadreel, Sam eventually figured out who he was and a tense standoff occurred, but before any fight could start Cassandra walked outside and told them to be civil.

Gadreel lead the Winchesters to the living room and stood guard over Cassandra while she sensed the brother's souls, answering Sam's question about how she knew what their souls looked like.

He later joined a fight taking place between Heaven and the allied forces of Hell and the Pantheons and assisted in Heaven's victory.

When the remaining Princes and Generals of Hell were conscripted by Crowley to deal with Mundus, Gadreel followed their trail and eventually found them somewhere in Los Angelus, and along with Joshua, they freed Mundus and fought off the demons, killing Dagon in the process.

Gadreel and Mundus finally encountered each other, one the failed guardian of Eden and first victim of Lucifer, the other the first one to be tortured into a demon-creature and second victim of Lucifer.

Powers & Abilities

Gadreel, as the first Seraphim holds a great deal of power and skill. Due to being the first Seraphim, his powers are beyond that of a typical Seraphim and he is stronger than any angel except the Archangels.

  • Immortality: Gadreel has been alive for millions or possibly billions of years. He is the first Seraphim and was a well known and respected angel when God decided to start creating the Earth. Gadreel can potentially live forever.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Gadreel is unharmed by conventional weaponry and is immune to common physical ailments and disease. He can, however, be harmed and killed by stronger beings and Divine weapons. 
  • Magic Proficiency: Gadreel holds a good deal of knowledge about Angelic Magic, enough to create an angel banishing seal and how to carve symbols into a human's ribs that can protect them from angelic detection without the pain that normal angels cause in their attempts. He is also aware of a sigil to remove a demon's power within a set area. 
  • Cosmic Awareness: As an angel, Gadreel has a good understanding of the universe and is aware of some things he is not physically present for. He can also hear prayers directed at angels, with ones directed at him specifically being instantly heard. Gadreel sensed approaching demons before they could be physically seen. He was also aware of Mundus' fight against the remaining White-Eyed Demons and Princes of Hell despite being on the other side of Seattle. 
  • Super Strength: As the first Seraphim Gadreel imbues his vessel with a great deal of strength and is able to physically overwhelm younger Seraphim, all younger angels, all demons, Leviathan, and monsters except for Eve and Dick Roman. He is stronger than every angel except the Archangels and could beat down a metal door so heavily warded that even Grigori would be unable to breach it. He is strong enough to overpower two Princes of Hell at once. Stronger than Tathamet,Gadreel could overpower him even in his Dragon Form.
  • Holy White Light: Gadreel can project a blast of destructive light from his palm, able to injure or kill most beings. While it can't kill a Prince of Hell or White-Eyed Demon, it can wound them. 
  • Swordsmanship: Gadreel, even though he is rusty, is an excellent swordsman and managed to surprise and kill an elite black-eyed demon and then gradually out duel two others. He later had regained more than enough skill to outduel two highly deadly Princes of Hell by himself. 
  • Advanced Smiting: Gadreel is able to smite nearly all monsters and demons near effortlessly due to being the First Seraphim. Only the strongest demons and monsters are immune to this power. 
  • Teleportation: As a Seraphim, Gadreel can teleport almost anywhere in all of creation unless blocked by certain magics, one of the Primordial Beings, or entities on the level of the Archangels. 


  • Angel Blade - Gadreel was given an Angel Blade by Pagan after he was released.
  • Gadreel's Sword - An Angel Sword gifted to him by God, Gadreel lost it after being imprisoned in Heaven, it was eventually found on Earth and retrieved by Ramiel who used it torture Mundus. It was given back to Gadreel after Mundus was freed.


Gadreel is the first Seraphim and is powerful, but not invincible.


  • Primordial Beings: The first beings in existence can kill him effortlessly.
  • Demiurge: As the children of Primordial Beings, they can kill him.
  • Amara: As she can equal the four Archangels, Amara could destroy Gadreel.
  • Archangels: His oldest brothers can kill him.
  • Archreaper: Malthael can kill Gadreel.
  • Horsemen: The younger Horsemen can overpower and kill Gadreel with the same ease as an Archangel.
  • Eldritch Horrors: As they are equals to the Archangels, the Eldritch Horrors can effortlessly destroy Gadreel.
  • Leviathan: While Gadreel is stronger than any individual Leviathan except Dick Ramon, they can harm and potentially kill the first Seraphim.
  • Amassed High-Tier Demons: A group of top tier demons can overpower Gadreel and might be able to kill him, though he was able to face off against Asmodeus and Ramiel, two Princes of Hell, and gradually outmatch them in a duel despite their teamwork.
  • Nephesh: The strongest Nephesh can potentially equal and kill Gadreel.


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