Gabriel's original vessel


Gabriel's second vessel

Season(s) 1 (Darkness of the Light)
Species Archangel
Status Alive (resurrected by God)
Title/Alias Loki
The Trickster
Occupation Messenger of God (formerly)
Resistance fighter
Affiliation: Heaven
Winchester family
Holy Resistance
Family God (father/creator)
Michael (Oldest brother)
Lucifer (Older brother) †
Raphael (Older brother)
Angels (younger siblings)
Portrayed by: Richard Speight Jr. (flashback)
Robbie Amell
"Luci. I'm home"
―Gabriel before his second fight against Lucifer
Gabriel is the youngest Archangel and a general of the Holy Resistance, led by Dean, Castiel and Michael. He was forced to find a new vessel after his original was destroyed.


Gabriel was the youngest archangel created by God. Gabriel participated in the battle against The Darkness. Gabriel loved his older brothers and God with all his heart.

When Lucifer rebelled, Gabriel was unable to choose sides, so he fled to earth and posed as the Pagan trickster God Loki.

Season 1


Powers and Abilities


  • Archangel Blade - Gabriel wields an Archangel Blade, which is capable of killing anything. He usually uses it in close combat.
  • Gun


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