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Flower-Fruit Mountain
Creator St. Ávila
Boss None
Whereabouts North Asia
Status Active

The Mountain of Flowering Fruits and Trees is a sacred location made holy by St. Ávila, and occasionally used as his home.

Created when the Saint stepped upon ruined land. The once glorious mountain had been ravaged by a number of magical curses and hexes, afflicting any who entered with terrible diseases and great misfortune. It is said that when Avila stepped on the mountain it instantly turned into a paradise, breaking every curse and lifting the misfortune.

Now a paradise of water and fruit, those seeking spiritual enlightenment and absolution from sin come here to atone and meditate. Years later, the light of Avila still shines here, making it as toxic for demons and evil creatures as the curses and hexes once did for everything else.

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