This is a list of fanon series created by various users.

Season Name Property
Post-Season 8 (alternate timeline) The End (Again) series Divineoverseer
Post-Season 5 (alternate timeline) The Primordials Kaestal
N/A Redemption series JL the superhuman
Post-Season 4 (alternate timeline) Arch series Blaid
N/A (alternate reality) Light and Dark series
Light and Dark: Bloodlines
Light and Dark: Olympus
Men of Letters (TV series)
Superjokertv and FeralG5
Pre-Season 1 Damned Chronicles
N/A (parallel universe) Supernatural: Aether Series Kingcanuck
Post-Season 3 (alternate timeline) Supernatural: Beyond Boundaries Yuka Ichinose
Pre-Season 1 Supernatural: Origins Superjokertv
Post-Season 8 (alternate timeline) Supernatural: Fallen FeralG5
N/A (parallel universe) Past Whispers rinjy2
N/A Rising Angel Series Anamantiumninja
Pre-Season 1 (alternate timeline) Genesis of Occult Shadedleaves
N/A Darkness Rising Holomanga
N/A Supernatural: Hell Bound MrAnonymous

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