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"The knives dad gave you will do the job about as well as a Dragon Killing Sword."
Bella on this weapons effectiveness.
Fairy Short Swords
Blessed Silver Knife
Manufacturer Oberon and Elite Fairy Bladesmiths
Use Close Combat
Powers Can kill supernatural beings up to and including Dragons
Location/Status Various

Fairy Short Swords, also occasionally called Blessed Fairy Knives, are powerful weapons that Oberon gave The Winchesters when he tasked them with hunting down the strange monster activity that was occurring during Heaven's war against Hell and The Pantheons.

These weapons are crafted by both Oberon and the greatest blade-smiths in Avalon and are usually used by the most elite among their armies.

They are exceptionally effective and potent swords and can kill monsters, demons, low tier angels, fairies, and even Dragons, but require several more stabs than a Dragon Killing Sword.

A normal Phoenix is also able to survive a stab from these blades, though they will be rendered immobile and have critical wounds.

Alpha Monsters have varying levels of resistance to these blades, of the two known to have come into contact, Claude was somewhat injured by them and Tathamet was entirely unaffected.

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