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Exorcism is a method to forcefully remove demons, Ghosts, and Angels from their Vessel commonly through Latin incantations and prayers.

Known Variations

  • Demonic Exorcism - Expels demons from their occupied vessels and sends them back to Hell.
  • Version 1 - A version of the Psalm 68(67) is recited by Sam Winchester as he read it in his father's journal.
  • Version 2 - A difference version from the Psalm.
  • Version 3 - Another version from the Psalm.
  • Version 4 - Another version from the Psalm.
  • Reverse Exorcism - This was performed by Sam-based only on theory that it would work the opposite as the conventional rite.
  • Cure Exorcism - A new type of exorcism pioneered by Max Thompson that can be used as part of a ritual to cure demons.
  • Mental Exorcism - Some beings possess the power to naturally exorcise demons without the need of a ritual.
  • Tactile Exorcism - Abaddon had the ability to send a demon back to hell merely by touch.
  • Alternate Ritual Exorcism - This spell was completely different from the ritual used by hunters. It also didn't affect the demon doing the exorcism.
  • Enochian Exorcism - An enochian chant was used by the townspeople of a church in Blue Earth, Minnesota. It was proved to be fake and the demons were actually under orders to evacuate their hosts upon recitation of the fake enochian exorcism.
  • Angelic Exorcism - Expels angels from their occupied vessels and sends them back to Heaven.

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