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Edward Hyde
Season(s) 1, 2, 5 (Light and Dark)
1-5 (Light and Dark: Bloodlines)
Species Human
Status Alive
Title/Alias Dr. Henry Jekyll
Occupation Private Investigator
Affiliation: Himself
Hyde Investigations
Flag of the United Kingdom League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Winchester Family
Family Henry Jekyll (twin brother)
James Hyde (son)
Helen Jekyll (great grandniece)
Portrayed by: Dougray Scott

Edward "Eddie" Hyde is a private investigator and was the duel personality of Dr. Henry Jekyll.

He died, after sacrificing himself to stop Blackbeard and his Jolly Roger Crew from crossing London Bridge during a one time invasion.

Henry was resurrected years later, along with himself by Dorian Gray. Edward was killed by Imhotep, after snapping his neck.

He was later resurrected for the second time by Life, this time became a separate person for the first time in his entire life.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Edward is shown to be a formidable fighter.

Former Powers

  • Super Strength - Edward possesses incredible physical superhuman strength, enough so that he can break down a steel door, lift a grown human off the ground, and throw them across a room.
  • Super Durability - Edward is somewhat more durable and resistant to physical injury and pain than the body of an ordinary human. Firearms can injure him depending upon the range and caliber of the weapon, but he still possesses a greater resistance against bullets than an ordinary human. He is also capable of withstanding much greater impact forces than an ordinary human without sustaining injury. He can withstand impacts that would cripple or kill an ordinary human with only mild discomfort.
  • Regeneration - If injured, he is able to rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue to a degree far beyond that of a normal human. Injuries such as bullet wounds and severe burns can fully heal within minutes to a few hours. He can't, however, regenerate severed limbs or missing organs.
  • Enhanced Senses - Edward possesses heightened olfactory senses and can perceive scents that were normally imperceptible to a normal human being. He can also see in the dark and even heat signatures. He can see many henchmen in tunnels even though their was no light and Howard through a wall in the next room.

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