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Season(s) 2,5 (Aether Series)
Species Demon
Status Alive
Title/Alias Pink-eyed Demon
Occupation Pink-eyed Demon
Affiliation: Himself
Portrayed by: John Hamm

Dos possessed Sam and Dean for a short while. His eyes glow pink

He was the first knight of hell to become king of hell and he is also the only demon to be ranked up to god of hell after Lucifer and Michael were trapped in the cage. He returns after The Darkness is released.

Powers and Abilities

Dos was the most powerful Demon ever. He can kill an Angel easily and a Seroph with little,but some effort but has no chance against the archangels

  • Possession- Dos can take over Humans and corpses aswell
  • Immortality- Dos has an indefinitely long lifespan
  • Invulnerability- Dos can not be killed by silver, iron, broken necks etc but can be harmed. He only can be killed by Death's Scythe and The Elite Demon Killing Blade and the archangels
  • Super stamina- Dos does not tire or need food,water or sleep
  • Super strength- Dos can physically overpower all humans and all monsters and almost all demons
  • Telekinesis- Dos can move objects and other beings with his mind
  • Invisibility- Dos can become invisible to humans
  • Pyrokinesis- Dos can generate fire
  • Teleportation- Dos can travel one place to another instantly
  • Access to and from Hell- Dos can travel back and forth to Hell
  • Mind Control- Dos can control minds of Humans and lower level Demons
  • White Light- Dos can use this to generate massive amounts of destructive energy that can obliterate large areas. Also Used by Lilith and Samhain
  • Reality Warping- Dos can grant humans wishes in exchange for their souls. Dos takes their souls after a 2-year time period
  • Killing Touch- Dos can kill monsters, and  other demons


  • Archangels- can kill him with ease
  • The Colt- Being able to kill almost anything it can kill him
  • Elite Demon Killing Blade- It can kill him
  • Death's Scythe- It can kill him
  • Elite Devil's Trap-Solomen's key (the heptagram) can keep him stuck in one spot
  • Salt-can slow him down but not stop him

Kills Table

Characters Season Episode
A Low level Demon 2 22
2 Vampires 6 5
A Skinwalker 6 8
A Low level Demon 6 20
An Angel and Evtoth 6 22
5 Low level Demons 7 1
2 Vampires,5 Skinwalkers,4 Angels and A Low level Demon 7 16
A Leviathan with bone of a righteousse mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen 7 22
1 Low level Demon and 4 cupids 7 23


  • Season 2
    • "No Exit"
    • "All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2)
  • ​ Season 3
    • "​Mystery Spot" (mentioned)
    • "Time Is On My Side"
  • ​Season 4
    • ​"Heaven And Hell"
  • ​Season 5
    • "Sam Interrupted"(mentioned)
  • Season 6
    • ​"Two And A Half Men"
    • "The Third Man"
    • "Live Free or TwiHard"
    • "Family Matters"
    • "All Dogs Go To Heaven"
    • "Caged Heat"
    • "Frontierland"
    • "The Man Who Would Be King"
    • "Let It Bleed"
    • "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
  • ​Season 7
    • "Meet The New Boss"
    • "Out With The Old"
    • "Reading Is Fundamental"
    • "There Will Be Blood"
    • "Survival of the Fittest"
  • ​Season 8
    • ​We Need To Talk About Kevin
    • Blood Brother
    • Torn and Frayed 
    • Sacrifice


No. Method Episode


He got killed by Dean who used Death's Scythe to kill him before trying to kill Dick Roman.

He got revived by Crowley to help him open the gates of hell