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Season(s) 6-7
Species Demon-Monster Hybrids
Status Project on Hold
Occupation Shock Troopers
Affiliation: Eve
Family Eve (mother/creator)
Monsters (relatives)
Demons (relatives)

"Demonsters" are a recent creation of Eve: the Mother of All, and are the result of a Demon being affected and successfully changed by her power.

Upon being freed from Purgatory by the efforts of her first children Eve decided to create new breeds of monster, with the "Demonsters" being among them using demons as a base.

After several attempts to do so ending in the test subject's demise Eve succeeded, creating an unflinchingly loyal hybrid with powers greater than a typical monster or black eyed demon.


The first "Demonster" displayed an extraordinary loyalty to Eve and was perfectly willing to follow any order given to it. It was later revealed that Demonsters are conglomerate entities created with a live human inhabited by a demon, with the human being corrupted into a monster while the demon is still within them, fusing the beings into something else.

After an unknown amount of time "Adam" started to break down, becoming twitchy and having very pale skin soon after its creation; he also doesn't hold the ability to teleport, which might be the trade off for greater strength and fewer weaknesses.


Physically a "Demonster" appears no different than a human, however, the first semi-successful variant held black sclera with red, cat-like irises when using its powers.

Their souls are considered repulsive by Fairies, Angels, and pure or corrupt Nephesh, as it's "twisted" in two different ways.

Known Demonster

  • "Adam" (semi-successful Demonster; Deceased)
  • Unknown (Second semi-successful Demonster, considered superior to Adam by the Mother of All; Alive)

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