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Karen1Karen: Pagan's Daughter

DarionDarion: Death's Son

Species Primordial Being-Mortal Hybrid
Status Extant
Occupation College Students
(Karen & Darion)
Affiliation: Their Parents
Natural Order
Family Primordial Beings (Parents/Uncles)
Mortals (Parents)
Angels (Half-siblings/cousins)
Reapers (Half-siblings/cousins)
Faeries (Half-siblings/cousins)
Portrayed by: Allison Mack (Karen)
Zachary Quinto (Darion)

A Demiurge is a powerful hybrid born from the physical union of a Primordial Being and a mortal.

Biologically, they are no different from their mortal parent's species, instead, it is their souls which are different, altered by the power of their Primordial parent.

A Demiurge also does not inherit their Primordial parent's power, but their nature, as Darion was conceived while the majority of Death's power was sealed away but holds power equivalent to Karen.

Karen and Darion are the only Demiurges currently in existence and are half human.

The power a Demiurge holds manifests in humans when they are 3 years old and dramatically increases as they age until they are approximately 23.

A Demiurge is generally superior in power to a Cambion or Nephilim, though a Nephilim sired by an Archangel or a Cambion empowered by an Archangel will be capable of contending with a Demiurge on more even footing.

When Karen and Darion were 9 and 10 years old respectively they held power on par with a typical angel, while at 18 and 19 years old their power had explosively increased and both are now only a bit weaker than an Archangel.

If a Demiurge were to sire offspring with a mortal, their child would have half their power.

If a Demiurge were to sire offspring with another Demiurge, their child would be equal in power to one of their parents.

Unlike Nephilim, a Demiurge's birth is no more traumatic than the norm for the mortal parent's species.


While both known Demiurges are half human they can be born from any other mortal species in the totality of creation.

The four Primordial Beings that are free limited themselves to only having one biological child, and so only four can exist as they can easily upset the natural order.

The Messiah was not a Demiurge as he was the spiritual son of God.

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