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Season(s) 1, 3, 5-10
Species Pagan Deities
Status Active
Occupation Controlling their affiliated religions, gaining sacrifices
Affiliation: Themselves & Religion
Portrayed by: Various

Pagan Gods/Deities, or the Old Gods, are a race of immortal supernatural entities, and each is a prime authority in the religion or pantheon that they established or belonged to. Despite having a role in human religion and possessing free will, the majority of them are cruel, petty, uncaring, and only concerned with themselves and their survival. Some of them are neutral or indifferent to humans, but the majority are evil. Several of them are known to have a taste for human flesh and they are confirmed to use humans as a food source as well as offerings through virgin sacrifices.


The Pagan Gods are separate from God's initial plan for the world he made. However when they took form when His world was forming, he added them. Like all things the gods have strengths and weaknesses. As entities of magic, their common weakness is being hurt or killed by stronger magic. They, unlike the majority of races, can possess unique powers. However the gods, as foreigners to God's world, have to use their own power to possess a form. This costs the gods some of their power, and recover it they discovered while being worshiped that if rituals or tributes were made for them it increased their power with the magic from the rituals.


While it's unknown who was the first pagan god, it was discovered the first ones appears as incorporeal entities. They appeared from the void like Amara and God. However they were thought up from the lesser thoughts of the void, so they were born with less power than Amara or God whom could exist on their own power from birth.

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