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Dean Winchester
Dean Season 10
Season(s) 1-12 (Light and Dark)
1, 4, 5 (Light and Dark: Bloodlines)
Species Human
Jefferson Starship (cured)
Vampire (cured)
Ghost (formerly)
Status Alive
Occupation Hunter
Man of Letters
True vessel of Michael (currently unused)
Soldier of Heaven (formerly)
Affiliation: Flag of the United States Men of Letters
Winchester Family
Bobby Singer
Crowley (on-off)
Family Cain (ancestor) †
Abel (ancestor) †
John Winchester (father) †
Mary Winchester (mother) †
Sam Winchester (younger brother)
Adam Milligan (paternal half-brother)
Emma (daughter)
Christian Campbell (fourth cousin)
Gwen Campbell (third cousin)
Henry Winchester (paternal grandfather) †
Wallace Winchester (great uncle)
David Winchester (uncle) †
Sebastian Winchester (cousin)
Natasha Winchester (cousin)
Millie Winchester (paternal grandmother) †
Samuel Campbell (maternal grandfather) †
Deanna Campbell (maternal grandmother) †
Bobby Singer (surrogate father) †
Portrayed by: Jensen Ackles
Dylan Everett (young)

Dean Winchester is a hunter with his brother, Sam and one of the lead protagonists in Light and Dark series.


Light and Dark

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Season 4

Season 5

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Season 11

Powers and Abilities

  • Ghost Powers - Dean had the powers of a ghost through astral projection.
  • Dream Powers - Dean had the power of Dream Walking granted to him by the African Dream Root.
  • Vampire Powers - Dean had the powers of a vampire.
  • Pale Horseman Powers - Dean had the powers of the Pale Horseman granted to him by Death's ring.
  • Animal Mind Meld Powers - Dean had the powers of super senses and animal communication granted to him by the Human/animal mind meld spell.
  • Human Abilities - Dean is very skilled hunter and has various other skills.


  • Knife - Dean is very proficient in using knifes. He can also use the demon-killing knife to kill low-tier demons.
  • Gun - Dean is very proficient in using guns. He can also use the Colt to kill demons.
  • Angel Blade - Dean can use an angel blade to kill angels and demons.