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Dark God
Season(s) 10 (Light and Dark)
Species Primordial Entity
Status Merged (with God)
Title/Alias Dark Lord
Alpha God (by himself)
Zod (by Dean)
Affiliation: Himself
Family God (good half; merged with him)
Krampus (son)
Portrayed by: Dylan O'Brien

Dark God is a supremely powerful and ancient primordial being, and also the personification of God's dark side.


Light and Dark

Season 10

Powers and Abilities

  • God Powers - As the dark side of God, he is an immeasurably powerful being and is capable of doing anything he desires.


  • Connection to God: As the dark side of God, Dark God was physically connected to him and any harm one got, the other would feel it. If one died, so would the other.


  • Prison Worlds - They were alternate planes of existence created by Life. Prime Darkness' Prison World was where Prime Darkness was trapped, Twilight's Prison World was where Twilight was trapped, and Dark God's Prison World was where the dark side of God was trapped. The Prison Worlds collapsed after Prime Darkness, Twilight and Dark God were released.

Banishing or Destroying



  • Light of Reborn - It can kill anything before and after the big bang, including Dark God.
  • Blade of Time - A blade created by Father Time at the beginning of time, it resembles a medieval short sword and can kill anything in the universe.
  • Death's Scythe - It can kill anything in existence, including Dark God.
  • Kronos' Scythe - It can cause great damage and can even kill him.

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