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Cursed Pen
Damien's pen
Manufacturer Unknown
Use Writing stories
Powers Reality Warping
Power Granting
Corruption of the user
Location/Status Destroyed

Cursed Pen was a cursed object which can give anyone who uses it reality warping when they write with it. The Pen was in Damien Wells possession before being destroyed by the Winchesters.

Effect of the Pen

The Pen imbues its user with powers as well as psycho-supernatural burdens which eat away at the user's character.

  • Reality Warping - The Pen grants the user the power to warp reality, whether it be by making objects or living beings appear out of thin air, or by creating unreal dimension.
  • Power Granting - The Pen grants the user the power to grant themselves or others with various powers.
  • Corruption - The Pen has the power to slowly corrupt the user.


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