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Crowley Season 10
Season(s) 5-11
Species Demon (King of Hell)
Human (formerly)
Status Alive
Occupation King of Hell
King of the Crossroads (formerly)
Lilith's second-in-command (formerly)
Tailor (formerly, as a human)
Affiliation: Himself
Sam and Dean (formerly/on-off)
Castiel (formerly/on-off)
Lilith (formerly)
Lucifer (formerly)
Raphael (briefly)
Dick Roman (briefly)
Naomi (formerly)
Abaddon (unwillingly; briefly)
Rowena (formerly)
Portrayed by: Mark Sheppard

Fergus Rodrick MacLeod (c. 1661 - 1723) was a human, who after death became Crowley; a powerful demon who was formerly King of the Crossroads and later became King of Hell.

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